About FanReact

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Enhancing the game day experience, one fan at a time

Our goal is simple at FanReact. We will be enhancing the experience for fans in every facet of the game whether you are watching from your home, a bar, a tailgate or actually at the game. Throughout the week, come back to FanReact to get news, updates, and info about your favorite player. We understand that sharing your experience with your friends and family is one of the most exciting and important part of sports. Stay up to date on the hottest trends for your team so that you never miss a moment.

What is FanReact?

FanReact is a one stop shop for sports enthusiasts to find their favorite sports or teams and share their experiences with others. Simple as that. Couldn’t make it to the game and experience that game winning touchdown in person? Use FanReact to relive that experience all from the comfort of your recliner, barstool, lawn chair or bleacher seat. Use the application to follow your favorite teams easily and contribute to the threads you want. Post specifically to your friends and family or to everyone following you; you control the fan experience.

Who uses FanReact?

Do you like sports? You’re in! Whether you want to keep up with a family member’s high school soccer team team or you want to see the latest injury updates from the MLB, FanReact allows the users to view fellow fan videos and pictures. You create the content and make live time updates. Whether you are an athlete, a college sports fanatic, or a fantasy football guru, FanReact will be your home for all of the moments that make us love sports.

Contact Chris, or Ken if you have any thoughts, reaction videos, or just want to talk.

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