Best Fans Bracket Challenge Rules

best-fans-brakcket-tweet-imageIt’s finally time to determine who has the best fans in sports. We put all North American professional sports teams from the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS and NHL into a 256 team mega bracket. But it doesn’t stop there. We added all FBS and FCS colleges as well!! That’s right! For the first time (that we could find), we get to settle who has the best fans from the pros AND college!


What does the winning team get/win for winning this challenge?

Great question with an even simpler answer; Pride and bragging rights. This is sports – that should be more than enough to have the title of “Best Fans in North America”. Oh, and for any team that wins, we will bring our FanReact tailgate to the one of your games next season.


How did we seed the teams?

All seeding for the teams was determined by taking a broad look at current social media followers of each team and university (Facebook and Twitter). Then, for fun, we moved some teams around to make the best possible matchups. Have a problem with that? Let us know on FanReact! Prove us wrong! Think your 64 seed should have been a 1 seed? Then beat them. The playing field is as even as it will ever be. You do the talking and we’ll do the walking… or something like that.


How are the regions broken up?

Regions were broken up based on their literal region of the country. In order to get the right numbers for each region, we had to get creative with our state lines but we found the perfect balance. Take a look below at which states are in each region to help you find your team:


Baja Region: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Alaska


Freedom, Eh? Region: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware and ALL OF CANADA


Snow Birds Region: Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas


Greatest Plains Region: Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana


How is the bracket round structure broken down?

Since the bracket is so ginormous, we had to make the first 2 rounds a little different than the rest. Since there are too many teams to actually show a bracket in a decent way, we instead just listed the match ups in order. However, starting with the 3rd round, it will then look like a traditional bracket.

First Round: 7 days

Second Round: 6 days

Third Round: 5 days

Fourth Round: 4 days

Fifth Round: 3 days

Sixth Round: 3 days

Seventh Round: 3 days

Eighth and Final Round: 3 days

Winner crowned on 11/14


How do I vote?

Simple; simply find your team(s) in the region of the map shown on the poll page and click on your favorite team(s). If you want the extra vote, see below.


How often can I vote?

You get one vote every day. Make sure to come back every day from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dunch, dinner, and dinfest to vote again. See cheat codes below to learn a little more.


Are there any cheat codes?

There is one and only one cheat code in this challenge; by following your favorite team(s) board on the app, that will count as an ADDITIONAL vote towards your team in the challenge. Each day, we will update the numbers to reflect app followers on top of poll voters. The best part about this, that vote will carry all the way through to the final round!!!!


A side cheat code: SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. The more friends you have voting, the more votes your team is going to get. That’s just science.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If we feel as though your team is cheating (aka, some computer wiz breaks our security measures and creates a bot), your team’s votes will start from the previous day’s ending vote (12 AM EST). Let’s be honest and win the right way!


What’s with the “Freedom, Eh?” region?

Canadian teams are included in this challenge. They fall into this region, hence the “eh”.


“I have a complaint”

Honestly, I don’t care. However, if you feel the need to make yourself feel better, email me at I swear I will respond with a “not-canned” response. Take notice of the quotation marks.