College Football Week 3 Recap

So the weekend came and went and now it’s my turn to dissect Brad and my picks from last weekend. I will not be gentle. Instead, I will be voracious with my hindsighted mockiery. It’s going to get dark. Shall we begin?   The Main Event   #15 Ole Miss @ #2 Alabama – 8:15 …read more.

College Football Week 3 Preview – Love, BradT

  Howdy FanReactor’s; each week we’ll take a look at some of the biggest, best (and sometimes worst) games of college football for the upcoming weekend. Have thoughts/feedback/disagreements, or just generally think we’re idiots? Get on FanReact and let us know! If you like what we write, my handle is BradT, and if you think it’s dumb, my …read more.

FanReact’s National Championship Preview

This is it. The game that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. On one hand, I am super pumped to watch the fighting Urban Meyers VS the Nike swooshes. On the other hand, screw you college football for not being an 11 month sport. What in God’s name are we supposed to do …read more.

FanReact’s College Football Playoffs Picks

Have you missed me? Have you missed us? Have you missed brilliant writing that is on par with the likes of Shakespeare and Tolstoy with pads? Have no fear because we are back to give you our college football playoff edition of the picks. Look, some great bowl games have come and gone (sans the …read more.

FanReact Christmas Edition – Gift Ideas for Jim Harbaugh

Merry Christmas, everyone! You know who’s having the merriest of Christmasi (plural)? Jim Harbaugh. As everyone knows by this point, the light-hearted and always chummy 49’ers coach has reportedly been offered $48 million dollars over the next 6 years by the University of Michigan. In honor of candy-cane season, let’s take a look at some gifts …read more.

FanReact’s Week 15 College Football Recap

And with that, the season gets that much closer to the end. I am literally crying into my cardigan. It went by so fast! And, if you’re Baylor and TCU, it was all for nothing. Yikes. I would hate to be a priest giving confession following that announcement. With all the cussing, anger, and general …read more.

FanReact’s Week 14 College Football Picks

Championship week is here! Where did the season go? Where did my first 30 years go? I am sad about both of these points. However, let us look forward to a weekend full of games that actually matter a lot. All 4 of the teams in 4 team playoff are playing this weekend and all but …read more.

FanReact’s Week 13 College Football Recap

This college football season keeps getting better and better. Natural selection is taking shape and the right teams won’t be making the playoffs. Plus, as an added bonus, Notre Dame just keeps losing and there is rumor swirling that Brian Kelly might be going to Florida. So perfect. Let’s watch Notre Dame fall back into …read more.

FanReact’s Week 13 College Football Picks

So where do we stand after week 12 of college football? I’ll tell you who has no idea; the selection committee. They may be better off writing down the top 6 teams on a piece of paper and throwing them into a hat to pick who makes the top 4. The entire media world is …read more.