Best Fans Bracket Challenge Rules

It’s finally time to determine who has the best fans in sports. We put all North American professional sports teams from the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS and NHL into a 256 team mega bracket. But it doesn’t stop there. We added all FBS and FCS colleges as well!! That’s right! For the first time (that …read more.

FanReact Hour – Ep. 6

PDiddy, best away game fans, the beer mile, Matt Stoltz with Biking for Baseball and your greatest sports video game accomplishment of all time. Now THAT is a fan’s radio show. Tune in now by clicking play below or by visiting Yahoo! Sports Radio Podcast page!

FanReact Hour – Ep. 5

The finals are final. Manziel is giving up the money sign. The Clutch City Chefs are in the house. How in the world could you afford to miss out on this?

FanReact Hour – Ep. 4

Join us this week as we discuss the most important parts of sports like determining who we would date from the US Women’s National Soccer Team or our dream college football national championship matchup.   Also, tune in to hear Jack Blankenship talk about what it is to be a fan and make a name …read more.

FanReact Hour – Ep. 3

Let’s do this! Chris and Jonathan discuss The finals and The Final (why is there no s??). Chris picks American Pharaoh while Jonathan says that a Triple-Crown winner will never happen again. Join us again, comment on FanReact, and share your thoughts and opinions with us. Maybe we can get you on this week! Click below …read more.

FanReact Hour – Ep. 2

That’s right. Episode 2 of the FanReact Hour radio show on Yahoo! Sports Radio. We talk Manziel, press conferences, the new Bulls coach, the Finals, and more. Enjoy some FanReact awesomeness… and the shoutouts. Click the play button below to tune in!

Update in a GIFfy – 5/26/15

  So, Zach LaVine can dunk ANYTHING apparently. I believe they call this the “Touchdown Alley-Oop”. The Minnesota Timberwolves would be proud.  Welcome to Update in a GIFfy, where I can update you in sports the best way I know how…GIFs! MLB  NEW YORK STYLED HOMER New York Yankees – 14 Kansas City Royals – 1 The Update: …read more.

Update in a GIFfy – 5/19/15

    See that guy dunking? Can you guess who he is? Shaq’s son. THAT’S RIGHT. Shaquille O’Neal’s 6’8 son, Shareef O’Neal. Like Father, like son. Welcome to Update in a GIFfy, where I can update you in sports the best way I know how…GIFs! MLB  WHEN YOU TRIP, OTHERS FLY Chicago Cubs – 11 …read more.