College Football Week 3 Recap

So the weekend came and went and now it’s my turn to dissect Brad and my picks from last weekend. I will not be gentle. Instead, I will be voracious with my hindsighted mockiery. It’s going to get dark.

Shall we begin?



The Main Event


#15 Ole Miss @ #2 Alabama – 8:15 PM CST – ESPN


Well that was one heck of a game, huh? I do have an issue with all those individuals out there that have placed Ole Miss at #1 in their polls and such. It took an absolute freak tip of the ball and 5 turnovers by Alabama for Ole Miss to win by 6. Don’t get me wrong; I have Ole Miss in my final 4 as of right now but to say that they are the #1 team in the country after that kind of win is a tad ridiculous. Ole Miss has a QB that looks to be legit, a WR corps that could probably take on any secondary in the country and a pair of DEs that haunt Freddy Kruger’s nightmares. However, I still believe that from top to bottom, Alabama is the better team. “But Chris, why are you bashing Ole Miss when you picked them to win this game?”. The answer is simple; I am so awesome at making picks that I sometimes have to bring myself back down to Earth. Plus, if you all knew that I could actually tell the future, I might get tested more than a tenor lab rat.


BradT, you blew it. Bo Wallace never got trucked and Ole Miss didn’t lose by 14, they won. You have to bring your A game every week on here. Here’s my suggestion; head home, take a long bubble bath, listen to some Enya and then text me for some tips before next weekend’s games.


BradT: this is correct, I vastly underestimated Ole Miss and their deadly combination of five star defensive players and frat bros wearing shirts and ties for some reason in 100 degree heat. It won’t happen again.


The Undercard


#14 Georgia Tech @ #8 Notre Dame – 2:30 PM CST – NBC


Sickening. Just sickening. I would rather watch Rosie O’Donnell make out with a can of tuna than watch Notre Dame win at anything. Georgia Tech’s running game looked pedestrian for the first time since sliced bread which came as a huge shock considering I thought they would run it so far up Notre Dame’s ass, the Irish would need to drink bleach to get the grass stains off their larynxes. Notre Dame keeps losing players and then goes out and wins with second team talent which is weird that they have so much depth. I don’t understand why kids want to play for Brian Kelly. That’s like saying you want Adolph Hitler as your guidance counselor.


Notre Dame just keeps on impressing and I keep getting sadder and sadder. Brad and I were both off on our predictions. I guess both of us didn’t see a way that Georgia Tech could screws this up. Obviously, we were wrong. I’d like to say that maybe someday, I will give Notre Dame the respect they deserve. However, if I ever get the feeling that I might do such a thing, I plan on jumping off the Empire State Building onto a bicycle with no seat. That should change my mind pretty quickly.


The only good thing that we got out of this game was watching the Notre Dame player go all Martin Gramatica on his own ass.


BradT: yep, another bad prediction from me. To be fair, I secretly spotted ChrisBuckner cheering like crazy at the A&M game while furiously checking the Notre Dame score on his phone. Don’t let his fake outrage fool you, he’s just overcompensating to cover his secret love for all things Notre Dame. He was even spotted practicing his Notre Dame yells outside of Kyle Field:



The Surprise Entertainer


SMU @ #3 TCU – 7:00 PM CST – FSN


Look, I’ll be the first person to admit when I am wrong. The only problem is, I have yet to ever be wrong. I was slightly off on this one but I was not wrong. TCU was solidly consistent throughout this game and Boykin finally looks to have gotten his crap together. And by “get his crap together” I mean go off on their asses. Boykin accounted for 6 TDs and kept TCU in control of the game from the first snap. While SMU kept it within 4 all the way till the end of the 1st quarter, I don’t think anyone questioned the outcome.


Brad, better luck next week. You went 1 for 3 and even your 1 was kind of wrong. Now it’s back to the drawing board for both of us as I try to improve my record.


BradT: if I’m being honest I just wanted to give you a bit of a head start. Don’t worry though, I’m coming for you…