FanReact Makes Launching Next’s Front Page

Launching Next


FanReact is making its eVoice heard. FanReact was just picked up by and labeled as one of the world’s “most promising new startups”.


Invite your friends and family to join FanReact now! Post pictures and videos ip to 30 seconds in length and share them with other fans that like the same teams and sports as you do. Gone are the days of having to hope for followers in order for someone to see your post or pictures. Now all fans of a team can see just how amazing your tailgate was, how awesome your trash-talking is, and how baller that last second, game winning shot was.


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Join FanReact today and talk sports. You never have to worry about seeing pictures of people’s babies (unless it’s a baby scoring a touchdown) or food (unless it’s a sack lunch from your favorite linebacker). FanReact is about sports. YOUR sports.


Follow your favorite teams from the pros all the way to your local high school soccer team. Have to miss the football game this Friday because you are working late? Have no fear! Just visit your board to see real time plays from the sideline. You never have to miss a moment again.